Wind of change


Long time no post! Darn, I’m not good at this posting business. But, anyway.

I recently went to this fantastic branding workshop with Stacey Cornelius. When we got to the part where we look at our business cards it was clear that my product line was not reflected well in the style of my card. At first, I tried tirelessly to change my card but always ended up going in the same direction. Finally it occurred to me…what if the style of my business card is the direction I want my work to go in? BAM! That is it! I had been trying all this time to bring in new products but struggled because they weren’t entirely what I wanted to make. So, I will change it! Changing colours, images and the over all vibe to match the style I wanted and honestly thought I had all along. It is a rude awakening when you realize you’re work isn’t perceived in the way you thought it was.

After a few long nights and hours of design work I have it mostly figured out. I have discontinued the following: red and pink salt cod pillows, colourful leggings, clothing, all red back pillows, brooches, head bands, and bags. My line will consist of four products: cushions/ cushion covers, silk scarves/ shawls, fabric cover journals, and dyed fabric. I have been using a big working design board to contain my ideas and themes. Here it is!

image1 (2)

I have decided to divide the new and improved line into three collections: wild flower, boreal and atlantic.

image2 (1)

The Wild Flower Collection

This collection will have images of lupins and buttercups. All screen prints will be simple line drawings printed in black ink for the entire new product line. They will be printed on hand dyed canvas cushion covers, journals, silk scarves and fabric. The colours for this collection will be marigold yellow, logwood and lac purple, and cochineal red/ pink. All silks will be done with natural dyes and cottons will be done with synthetic dye. Even though the dyes will be different all colours will reflect the colours achieved with natural dyes. Together they will be reminiscent of summer wild flowers and, hopefully, so beautiful.

image3 (1)The Boreal Collection

This collection will have images of black spruce, mushrooms and a gray jay. The colours for this collection will be olive green, burnt orange, and browns. Journals, dyed cushion covers, scarves, and fabric will have images of spruce twigs, pine cones, gray jay tracks and a cluster of mushrooms. I’m excited for this one.

The Atlantic Collectionimage4 (1)

This is mostly where parts of my old collection live. Salt Cod Pillows, Momma whales, and Baby whales will remain the same. The Salt Cod Pillows will be available in blue, green, and orange (so they still fit the overall colour scheme). St. John’s Whale and Salt Box House pillows will turn to cushion covers instead. As they are squares/ rectangles this wont be a huge change. In addition to that, prints of a mini salt cod and a periwinkle shell will be added. Images will be on journals, cushion covers, fabric, and scarves. Colours for this collection are navy (light and dark) and gray.

The promise of this change is making me very excited for production (WHAT?!) and seeing it all together. I have created the deadline of May 7th for myself. Just in time for summer!

What do you think about the move? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Let me know. 🙂

-Anna xo


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